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  • Loneliness
    Loneliness is a bitch Having people that cares for you but you feel you are alone Being lonely makes one think It leads to depression Sharing thoughts,talks all to yourself Not being comfortable with everyone Social awkwardness Being gentle Lack of communication with others Keeping personal information to yourself No one to share it withContinue reading “Loneliness”
  • Hey Girlie
    Hey girlie You are beautiful No one is ugly Never look down on yourself Don’t think because you don’t have what others have,you should be ashamed of yourself The one who created you knows everything Go for it girlie Go for what you want Try to win every battle Don’t be ashamed of your shape,body,statureContinue reading “Hey Girlie”
  • Money
    Money money money A paper that causes happiness A paper that does so many things in one’s life Money is the root of all evil In today’s society,one who doesn’t have money is not recognized It causes depression to the poor It makes one weak Everyone wants money They derive joy in it They hastenContinue reading “Money”
  • Beauty
    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Many are blinded by their beauty Beauty isn’t everything All creatures are beautifully made Nothing lasts forever Including beauty Beauty doesn’t make one rich Hardwork pays Learn to be creative Don’t rely on only beauty Young girls of nowadays Use beauty to get what they want NoContinue reading “Beauty”